NBA DFS: Jrue Holiday and Best Pick for Jan. 18 FanDuel and DraftKing Fantasy Basketball Lineups

NBA DFS: Jrue Holiday and the best picks for Jan. 18 FanDuel and DraftKing basketball lineups

Pelicans shootaround: Jrue Holiday, Anthony Davis game ...

Tonight you are plenty of big men to choose from in tonight’s NBA seven-game lineup. They have Karl-Anthony Towns, Anthony Davis, Rudy Gobert, and Andre Drummond as the most expensive options tonight. The action gets underway at 7 P.M. with three games tipping off at this point. There are games going on throughout the evening with two games capping off at 10:30 P.M. which are New Orleans vs. Portland and Golden State vs. LA Clippers. They are going to have a good lineup with those two games going on. Make sure you have your roster locked in before tonight’s games. There is lots of money to be won.

Karl-Anthony Towns plays with three shoes for 12 seconds ...

McClure is a predictive data engineer at SportLine. He uses a powerful prediction model to stimulate lots of games in the NBA games like statistics, matchups, and injuries come into play when it comes to making decisions on how you would choose your players. This allows you to create a lineup that you can share only on SportsLine.

For Friday’s lineup, I started out by picking New Orlean’s guard Jrue Holiday at $8800 on FanDuel and $8000 on DraftKing. I picked him along with his teammate Anthony Davis at $13000 on FanDuel and $11700 on DraftKing. He would get over 65 FPs almost every night.

The NBA DFS has plenty of scoring with New Orleans averaging 117 per game. They dropped over 120 points the last three out of four games. They scored 140 points against Golden State a losing cause the other night. That was a good game. I actually stayed up and watched that game. Stephen Curry exploded in the third quarter of that game which knocked the momentum out of New Orleans. New Orleans was up by 16 points in the third quarter.

They are targeting capable players that get you 40 or maybe even 50 points on both sides that comes at a lower price. Sometimes you have to pick players with the lower because that’s what you can afford. With FanDuel and DraftKing you have a salary cap. That means you can’t pick all superstar players. They are lineups that you lose or win with. It depends on how they perform every night.


My goal is to try to write something on my website every day if I could. With me writing about fantasy sports, I’m going to share with you my personal lineup and I want you to tell me what do you think. Since this is the subject of the NBA, I’m going to give you my NBA lineup. If this is about NFL, I’ll give you my NFL lineup. If it’s NHL, I’ll give you my NHL lineup and so on.

Here is tonight’s NBA lineup that I personally chose. At the PG (point guard) I chose from Cleveland Collin Sexton ($4800), from Orlando D.J. Augustine ($5000). At SG (shooting guard) I chose from Cleveland Jordan Clarkson ($5300), from Miami Dwyane Wade ($5000). At SF (small forward) from Golden State Kevin Durant ($10,600), from San Antonio Rudy Gay ($5100). At PF (power forward) Anthony Davis ($13,800), from Boston Marcus Morris ($4900) and at C (center) from Golden State Kevon Looney ($5500). This will be my lineup for now. If there is any changes I have to make I’ll make them before 7 P.M. tonight before the games starts. You can’t make any changes during the game or whe the games begin.

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