Fantasy Football Rankings for NFC & the AFC Title Games

Fantasy football rankings for the NFC and AFC title games: Experts say that you should start Tyreek Hill and sit C.J. Anderson

With two games in over and under the mid-50s, oddsmakers in Vegas believe that both the NFC and the AFC games are going to be high scoring. It’s going to be a proven fact that fantasy football will be capitalized this week with the two games that are going on this weekend. Who can you count on giving you top production in these games this weekend? Whatever quarterback you choose you cannot go wrong. You have from the Los Angeles Rams you have Jared Goff, New Orleans has Drew Brees, New England has Tom Brady, and Kansas City has Patrick Mahomes. C.J. Anderson has been hot for the L.A. Rams. How will the loss of Keith Kirkwood and Ben Watson will affect New Orleans? What will Bill Belichick and New England take away from Kansas City? With so many questions are looming about these games you’ll find out on SportsLine.

When it comes to ranking these ballplayers, their model beat human experts in Fantasy Football last season when they were big differences in rankings. These conference final games have plenty of star power for you to get some fantasy points. That could be the difference between winning or going home empty-handed.

Last week was extremely high on the Kansas City Chiefs with Damien Williams at running back finishing in the top 5. He totaled 154 yards and a touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts. Anyone who had him in your lineup had a huge week.

One of the highest ranked wide receiver in the league Tyreek Hill against the New England Patriots.

Hill is having the best season of his career. He finished the regular season with all career highs in receptions (137), yards (1479) and touchdowns (12). He absolutely torched the Patriots the last time they played in the regular season. He’ll duplicate that level of performance this Sunday against the Patriots. That will be a way that the pro-bowl receiver will rack up some fantasy points.

Hill has proven that he has been a running threat in recent weeks which adds another way that the pro bowl receiver can rack up more fantasy points. In fact that he has 2 rushing touchdowns in the last 2 games. The SportsLine projection is that Hill is the number one receiver in the conference finals. He is followed by Michael Thomas, Julian Edelman, and Robert Woods. Points will rack up with either of those receivers in your lineup.

C.J. Anderson is outside looking in the top 5 running back in conference finals with the L.A. Rams.

Anderson rushed for 422 yards and four touchdowns the last three weeks and managed to rush for 123 yards and a touchdown against the Cowboys despite Todd Gurley returning to the lineup. However, Against the Saints is going to be a bit of a challege because they have one of the best run defenses in the league this season. The Rams are going to need their superstar for lots of screen passes against this Saints defense.

If Anderson continues to get regular carries, they’ll be no gaurantee that he’ll do well against the Saints number 2 defense against the run. If you have any other option, I would leave C.J. Anderson on the bench this weeklend. SportLine dropped Anerson to number 7 sandwiched between James White and Rex Burkhead.


Today, I did my weekend fantasy conference finals football lineup. Here who I put on my fantasy team. At QB (quarterback) from the Kansas City Chiefs Patrick Mahomes ($9000), running backs I have from the L.A. Rams Todd Gurley II ($8500) and from the New Orleans Saints Alvin Kamara ($8100), wide receivers also from Kansas City Tyreek Hill ($8400) and Sammy Watkins ($5600), and from New Orleans Ted Ginn Jr. ($5300) at tight end from the New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski ($5600), my flex player which I can use either a wide receiver, running back or a tight end in that spot. This time I used a wide receiver from New Orleans Tre’Quan Smith ($5000) and my defense I picked the Los Angeles Rams ($4200). All four of these teams are tops in the offense. I wish I never had to pick a defense. The defenses are going to lose lots of fantasy point because it’s going to be lots of scoring. I put the prices next to their names because when you do fantasy sports and you pick the player to be on your team you have to go by a salary cap. Sometimes I pick real cheap players to fill my roster. Sometime those cheap players will perform very well in the game. That is the secret of winning. Wish me good luck.


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