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Fantasy Football Rankings for the 2019 Super Bowl: The model that crushed experts that says to start Sony Michel and sit CJ Anderson

At least five running backs, three tight ends, and seven wide receivers saw action last night in the Super Bowl when the Patriots took on the Rams. The quarterbacks Tom Brady and Jared Goff, two of the most reliable kicker in the league. The defenses that perform well last night in the Super Bowl. In the backfield for the Patriots, you had James White, Sony Michel, and Rex Burkhead. If you picked Sony Michel then that was good because he performed well yesterday in the big game. He had a touchdown if any player scores a touchdown then you’ll get points from him. For the Rams, you had Todd Gurley ll and CJ Anderson. At wide receiver, the Patriots had Julian Edelman, Chris Hogan, and Phillip Dorsett. Julian Edelman had a really good game last night in the Super Bowl. He had about 10 catches for 141 yards. If you chose him, that was a good choice. From the Rams, you have Robert Woods, Brandin Cooks, and Josh Reynolds. Robert Woods had an okay game, but the Patriots’ defense contained the Rams Before you lock in your players check out the Super Bowl football fantasy rankings on SportsLine.

When it comes to ranking ballplayers, their advanced computer model beats the human experts in fantasy football last season. The model was the closest to the hole overall, meaning it best pinpointed where every player would finish each week. That would be the difference between winning and going home empty-handed.

During championship week they were high on Chiefs running back Damien Williams, saying that he finished as the top two running back. The results were 96 total yards and three touchdowns against the Patriots, if anyone chose him in your lineup was on their way to a huge week.

Now the model, which simulates every game 10,000 times has revealed its latest fantasy football since the start of the 2019 NFL playoffs. The one player they were high on in the Super Bowl was Sony Michel.

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The Patriots mad a huge commitment to the running since the beginning of the 2019 NFL playoffs. The main beneficiary was Sony Michel, who established himself as the new pound-it running back in the place of LeGarrette Blount. The first-round pick out of Georgia led the league in rushing yards and touchdowns in the postseason.

Still, some fantasy owners are wary of the rookies because he only had 11 targets all season in 15 games, which make him touchdown-dependent. Patriots wanted to use him to crush the Rams in the Super Bowl. Michel will get a huge workload to make him the number running back in the Super Bowl ahead of James White.

What was one huge shocker from SportLine’s fantasy football rankings: Rams running back CJ Anderson stumbles big time in the Super Bowl last night. He finished outside the top three.

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The Rams relied heavily on their free-agent acquisition this postseason, as he carried 39 carries and 167 yards. He had 16 carries against the Saints compared to just four for Todd Gurley. He’s the top option running back in the league. I chose him as my running back.

They projected Todd Gurley ll as the top running back for the entire regular season to be the workhorse in the Super Bowl. CJ Anderson was projected to score 9 points in the Super Bowl, far fewer than Todd Gurley.

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The model was also calling for a shocking player who was not projected a high score to have a great game in the Super Bowl.


Last night, I watched the Super Bowl. I had picked some players on my fantasy team from last night’s game. They have single game fantasies as well. You can pick any players from the offensive side of the ball like quarterbacks, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs and kickers. The top player you pick is the MVP or captain which gets 1.5 more points. Like he’s an example, let’s say you selected Julian Edelman as you MVP or captain, Julian Edelman scored 19 fantasy points last night, as captain or MVP Julian Edelman would get 28.5 points because he’s MVP or the captain. I’m not talking about the MVP of the Super Bowl, I’m talking about the MVP of your fantasy team.

Here are my Super Bowl fantasy lineups and their fantasy points for the game. The team I selected did not perform that well last night in the game. You can pick any qualified player from both teams you want. It doesn’t matter the position.

Here’s my lineup: from the LA (Los Angeles) Rams Todd Gurley ll, he’s my MVP, he scored 5.85 FP (fantasy points). If I did not pick Todd Gurley as my MVP he would have scored only 3.9 FP. He was projected to score 24 FP. They did not use him that much. Also, from the LA Rams I selected Jared Goff, he was projected 20 FP, he only scores 8.16 FP. From the LA Rams I selected Robert Woods, he was projected 13.9 FP and he scored 10 FP. From New England, I selected Stephen Gostkowski was projected 8.6 FP and scored 9 FP. He scores a bit above his projections in last night’s game. He actually missed one 40+ yard field goal. If he made that field goal, he would have had 13 FP. If your kicker kicks a field goal below 40 yards, he’ll get 3 points, between 40 & 49 yards he’ll get 4 points and 50 or above he’ll get 5 points. The extra point, he’ll get one point. And also from New England, I selected Rob Gronkowski, which was projected 8.3 FP and score a little above his projections with 11.7. I totaled 44.71 FP last night when I was projected to score a total of 87.6 FP. in order for me to win money last night I had to score about 57 FP on one and 56 FP on the other. I did two different fantasies for the Super Bowl.

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