Fantasy Football Captaincy picks

Who would be the captain to replace Harry Kane? Will that help your Sky Sports Fantasy picks?

Fantasy football captains could help you get more points for your fantasy picks. Here is the look at the top 5 captains for Week 23 and how they perform and where they could tweak your weekend.

1. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) 26.41%

2.Harry Kane (Tottenham) 18.39%

3. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City) 8.46%

4. Raheem Sterling (Manchester City) 6.65%

5. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal) 3.49%

Mohamed Salah celebrates after scoring a goal won 1-0 over Brighton at the Amex last weekend. He earned seven fantasy point for that goal on Sky Sports Football Fantasy. He is on the top 5 captaincy list. He faced Crystal Palace at home this weekend which can increase his percentage points.

On FanDuel, I would usually pick this guy, but he’s a little expensive, so I have to delete him off my roster so I can afford the other player so I can pick within the cap. I believe he plays the midfielder. He scores lots of goals.

It was a very disappointing afternoon for Sergio Aguero who could not add to his point total after coming off the bench against the Wolves. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang only obtained two points for starting against West Ham as they were beaten 1-0 at the London Stadium. Raheem Sterling managed to win a penalty point for City against the Wolves which contributed to three of his five points from the game in week 23.

Substitution for you Sky Sports Football Fantasy XI

Harry Kane earned tier-one shot bonus points against Manchester United and should have scored at least one point if not two against United. He had a miserable afternoon after limping off the field with his injury. He will have to now be on the sidelines.

Aubameyang and Arsenal welcomed Chelsa this weekend which is why you take Harry Kane and Aubameyang out of your starting lineup may be a consideration. Take a look at other options since we took these two strikers out of your lineup.

Gabriel Jesus

Boasting about his 17 point performance last week, Jesus travels to Huddersfield side who are currently without a manager and only have 5 goals at home all campaigns. they are eight points adrift of safety in 20th place. It seems the prime opportunity for the City striker to extend his goal tally. The Brazilian has netted seven goals in the last three games, two have come against the Wolves on Monday. He also won an award that also adds more points to his total.

Marcus Rashford

The young Englishmen has contributed six goals in five Premier League games overseen by Gunner Solskjaer (four goals and two assist). Rashford has gotten 34 points in the last three games, averaging slightly over 11 points per game.

Only seven percent of Sky Sports Fantasy Football bosses have selected his services so he can be a replacement for the injured Harry Kane or Aubameyang. The price of him is less than Kane and Aubameyang which also mean you can invest elsewhere.


Guess why guys and girl I’m talking about soccer even though the headlines said football. Guess what, they have soccer fantasies also. I chose players from there also. Before I tell you all my lineup, I’m going to tell you the stagady on how you should pick your players. I do my all my fantasy lineups on the FanDuel website. When you pick a player for your soccer lineup or football lineup depending where you’re from. Here in America, we call it soccer. The soccer fantasy lineup are usually available about two or three days before the games are started. I alway wait until the day before because you never know if you have to change your lineup or not due to someone being injured or suspended. If they can’t play because of persoal reason or whatever. How I pick my player is that if the player has the EXP next to their name that means they are expected to play. About maybe 10 or 15 minutes before the game FanDuel will tell you who is going to start. How you know who’s going to start is that there is a check next to their name. In soccer if there is not a check next to their name means they are coming off the bench or not playing at all. NBA is different. If therer is a check mark next to their name that means they are starting. If there is not a check mark next their name that means there not starting, but they are playing because in the NBA they have lots of bench players, same with football. Since soccer is played over in Europe they have games that start early in the morning. The soccer games were already over when I was writing this post. I did not wake up in time to change some of the players on my roster.

Here is my roster for Sunday. The games are already over so I’ll explain as I go. At the forward spots I chose Steve Mounie from Huddersfield ($8500), he scored only 5 FPs (fantasy points). He did not start, but he played. The other forward I selected Elias Kachunga ($6500) also from Huddersfield. He started, he scored 12.5 FPs. My midfielders I selected Raheem Sterling from Manchester City ($11,000). He started, he scored 25.6 FPs. At the other midfielder David Silva also from Manchester City. He did not start but played scored 4.3 FPs and my third midfielder I selected Harry Winks from Tottenham ($5500). He started, he scored 28.9 FPs. He’s a really cheap player that scored lots of FPs. That’s an example of what I’m talking about, a really cheap ballplayer that scored lots of points. Those are my favorite ones. That an example of how you can win your fantasy. Let’s continue with my lineup. At the defensive end, I selected Zanka from Huddersfield ($6000). He did not start, I don’t even know if he even played because he didn’t score any points. My other defensive player was Calum Chambers ($5500) from Fulham. He started, he scored 23.6 FPs. Another example of a cheap player scoring lots of points. My goalie was Hugo Lloris from Tottenham ($6000). He started, he scored 16.5 FPs. The goalies and the defensive players are usually cheap because they don’t do much of the scoring. My total score was 116.4. I would have had to score more than 131.2 to win this fantasy. I probably have won $2. I’ll take that. I only spent $1 on this fantasy. If you were #1 you would have won $50. I placed in 238th out of 595. I do lots of these fantasies every week. I win some and I lose some. I like to do this because it is fun. It’s much fun if you win some money.

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