Competition Committee Skeptical About the Changes are Coming to Replay

The NFL Competition Committee

The competition committee once again on Tuesday to go over, among other things, the use and implementation of replay review in light of the controversial no-call in the NFC Championship game

If the responses from the presiding officials are the indication that they will be no changes will be coming anytime soon.

The New York Giants owner John Mara told the NFL Network after the committee meeting he is skeptical that the owners will muster the necessary 24 votes to change anything about instant replay. They do not sense any movement on judgment calls and definitely none on looking at the no-calls.

To always think that they are going to be in a system where calls are always going to be corrected by New York or upstairs. They don’t they are close to doing that.

They will be more conversation about changing the mechanics of officiating, where the officials should be on the field, which the official should be responsible for looking for what, as an alternative remedy.

Those sentiments were echoed by the other member of the Competition Committee.

Given the significance of the play, and the focus on that error late in the game, you need to have a top-down discussion again. Atlanta Falcons president and committee chairman Rich McKay thinks that’s the right thing to do. When you have it, you may come up with some ideas to modify replay, to add, to subtract from, whatever it may be. That would be a healthy discussion.

They think that they are going to have some people who historically wanted to expand replay and want to use this moment to have that discussion, which they don’t blame them for wanting to do so. For any discussion, they would have to go all the way through, meaning end to end, because they are so many complications to it, in the way to impact the game, all those things. They are going to do that.

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones (son of Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones) added that while there is a lot of energy in discussing the changes to replay. The committee has looked at alternatives before and there is currently not enough momentum to change reply how it is handled.

They’ve had that conversation, and they rehashing them. They’ve had that conversation again and again.

This week’s meeting will be used to discuss potential rule change suggestions that the committee will bring to the owners later in the offseason, likely at an annual league meeting in late March. Two-thirds of the 32 owners must approve this rule change before it is adopted.


I think will be a good idea to discuss the officiating and the replays of the NFL. That play at the end of the Los Angeles Rams vs. the New Orleans Saints should have been called a penalty. That was passed interference and helmet to helmet. Those 2 plays are illegal in the NFL (National Football League). That should have been a spot foul plus half the distance to the goal line because the spot foul was real close to the end zone. If it was anywhere else on the field, it would have been a spot foul plus 15 yards.


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