Broncos Agree to Trade for Ravens QB Joe Flacco

Baltimore Ravens head coach said that Joe Flacco would have a market in the NFL. His prediction is correct.

On Wednesday, the Ravens agree to send Joe Flacco to the Broncos for a fourth-round pick

Contract information

Joe Flacco had three years remained on his current contract. He needs to rework his deal with the Broncos. Baltimore and Denver are not allowed public comment on his contract information until the NFL’s new calendar begins on March 13, when the deal should be finalized.

34 years old

The 34-year-old Joe Flacco spent his first 11 seasons with the Ravens. He helped the Ravens to seven post-season appearances, which includes a win in the Super Bowl where Joe Flacco was named the MVP.

Flacco started nine games in the 2018 season before his hip injury resulted in the Ravens turning to the rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson (last pick in the first-round which they traded up with Philadelphia to get in the 2018 draft). Flacco completed 61.2% of his passes, his lowest mark since the 2013 season, and threw 12 touchdowns and 6 interceptions. The Ravens went 4-5 during the time that he started, while Jackson went 6-1 down the stretch to make it to the playoffs.

Broncos a fresh start

With the Broncos, Flacco will get a fresh start under new head coach Vic Fangio, who knows Flacco from his time on the Ravens coaching staff from 2006-09. Flacco entered the league in 2008.

Flacco now enters the 2019 season as a starter for the Broncos over Case Keenum, who recently expressed he wasn’t worried about the Broncos making the potential move to bolster the quarterback position. The Broncos signed Case Keenum to a two-year contract for $36 million during free agency in 2018. He did not perform very well last season and missed the post-season for three consecutive years.

Searching for a quarterback

John has been searching for a quarterback since Peyton Manning retire after the 2015 season. Since hanging up his cleats, the Broncos has gone through a few quarterbacks in as many season Trevor Siemian, Brock Osweiler, and Paxton Lynch along with Case Keenum. Flacco will join the ranks and should have every opportunity to provide stability at the quarterback position in Denver.


This is my view on this trade. I think it would be good for Denver. When Joe Flacco is healthy and you protect him, he can be a top 10 quarterback in the NFL. If you choose a receiver, tight end or running back for fantasy lineup Flacco will get them the ball. I have won lots of fantasy football games with him as my quarterback. Last season, he started out doing pretty well, he was averaging close to 20 fantasy points (FP) per game. That’s pretty good for the NFL.

The Ravens are going with Lamar Jackson at quarterback for now. Lamar Jackson needs to learn how to pass out of the pocket because if he doesn’t his career is not going to last that long. Lamar Jackson is like a Michael Vick and RGlll (Robert Griffin lll). Those 2 quarterbacks got hurt by the Ravens that almost jeopardized their football careers. RGlll now is the backup quarterback for the Ravens since Joe Flacco got traded to the Broncos. Lamar Jackson has to change his way of playing because the second time he plays an opponent, they’ll figure him out and contain him better. That’s what Los Angeles Chargers did when they play the Ravens for the second time in the Wildcard game. Jackson did show resiliency in the fourth quarter when they attempt to make a comeback, but it was a little too late.

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  1. What a trade yesterday. I was shocked to see a team make a move for Flacco so soon, and while I do think he has something left in the tank, the Broncos are going to have to find younger talent sooner rather than later. There is a good quarterback class on the horizon here in 2019, with kids like Drew Lock, Daniel Jones, and Kyler Murray all slated to go early. Dwayne Haskins is in that mix too, but his experience is limited. It’ll be interesting to see if they treat Flacco like a bridge quarterback or will go with him for a few years as they did Peyton Manning. Either way, they need to find a young franchise quarterback.

    • The other day I went into the sports bar. When you first go into that particular sports bar (Glory Days) you’ll see a huge big screen TV hanging around the bar. You would what’s on the TV. What I saw on the TV was that Joe Flacco was traded to the Broncos when I first went into the bar. People saw me with my Ravens jacket on and commented, “Did you hear about Joe Flacco being traded to the Broncos for a draft pick?” I told them that “That was the first thing I saw when I got to the sports bar.” I think that Dwayne Haskins is going to the New York Giants, and Kyler Murray might end going with Miami Dolphins or the Jacksonville Jaguars. It depends on what they do with Nick Foles. Is he going to the Jaguars or the Dolphins or where is he going? Is he going to stay in Philadelphia to back up Carson Wentz? They are some questions that are going to be answered.

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